Does This Graboid Your Attention? A ‘Tremors’ Documentary Is Reportedly on the Way
Does This Graboid Your Attention? A ‘Tremors’ Documentary Is Reportedly on the Way


The Tremors franchise has long been fascinating, especially for its ability to continually churn out new movies every few years no matter what. And we’re not the only ones who find it interesting, as a new documentary about the film series is currently in the works.


The impetus for the new doc is the upcoming 30th anniversary of the original Tremors film, which was released on Jan. 19, 1990. At least, that’s according to actor Robert Jayne. Jayne, who previously used the stage name Bobby Jacoby, starred as Melvin Plug in the original film and Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, and it is from him that news of this documentary comes. Per JoBlo, Jayne said on Twitter:


“Working with NBC Universal on the TREMORS film franchise anniversary documentary, so amazing how something can sustain through time. BIG event planned for January to celebrate the original film, looking forward to seeing some old friends again…”


Although no official announcement has been made concerning the documentary as of yet, it seems like an odd thing for Jayne to make up, so we have no reason to doubt its existence. The film will certainly have plenty of material to document, as there are currently six Tremors movies with a seventh — Tremors Island Fury — on the way. Then there’s the 2003 TV series, along with the 2017 pilot starring Kevin Bacon which was not picked up to series. That pilot has yet to see the light of day outside of a trailer, so getting a peek at some more footage in the new documentary would certainly be a treat.



We’ll definitely keep an eye out for more Tremors documentary news in the weeks to come.


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