Watch the Trailer for the Canceled ‘Tremors’ Series
Watch the Trailer for the Canceled ‘Tremors’ Series


Kevin Bacon’s Tremors TV series at Syfy was sadly not picked up by the network, having been canceled before the already-filmed pilot even aired, but there may be hope for the series yet.


A trailer for the pilot has been leaked online, in an apparent bid to generate enough fan interest to convince another network to potentially pick up the series. And honestly, it might work. The trailer, while completely ignoring the canon set forth in the original Tremors’ five (and counting) direct-to-video sequels, is still pitch-perfect for any fans of the original. It’s funny, it’s scary, and it’s got Kevin Bacon. Hell, there’s even a Bon Jovi song. Really, what more could you want?


The plot of the series follows Bacon’s Valentine’s McKee, who’s still living off the faded glory of the time he rescued Perfection, Nevada from the Graboids nearly three decades earlier. Unfortunately for him, everyone else in town thinks he’s just a washed up old kook, since he acts like a doomsayer predicting that the Graboids have returned.


It turns out, of course, that McKee is right and the Graboids are indeed back. But does McKee still have what it takes to defeat the giant sand worms and once again be the hero of Perfection? Sadly, we’ll probably never find out unless another network decides to rescue the project, but we’ll always have the trailer.



Image courtesy of Blumhouse Productions/Universal Cable Productions