Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Our First Look at ‘Halloween Kills’
Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Our First Look at ‘Halloween Kills’


Halloween 2018 was both a critical and commercial hit, proving that even forty years after his creation, Michael Myers was still both terrifying and relevant. It’s no surprise then that the film earned two sequels shortly after its release in Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, and now we’re already getting our first look at the first of those sequels thanks to star Jamie Lee Curtis.


Halloween Kills is currently filming, and Curtis shared some behind-the-scenes footage to her Twitter account. In the footage, we see Anthony Michael Hall for the first time as Tommy Doyle. The character was previously portrayed by Brian Andrews as a child in the original Halloween, Danny Ray as a teen in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, and Paul Rudd as an adult in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (the latter two films are no longer considered canon). We also see the return of Michael Myers, who very clearly survived the devastating fire at the end of the previous film. And we see Curtis’ Laurie Strode herself, laying on a gurney and covered in blood. She seems to be in good spirits though, considering, as she smiles at the camera and says, “Happy Halloween.” Check out the footage below.



In addition to Tommy and Laurie, other old school characters returning for the film include the original Halloween‘s Lindsey Wallace and Sheriff Leigh Brackett, both of whom will be portrayed by the same actors: Kyle Richards and Charles Cyphers, respectively.


Halloween Kills will slash its way into theaters on Oct. 16, 2020, just in time for you-know-what.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures