New ‘Halloween’ Photos Recall the Original Film in the Best Way
New ‘Halloween’ Photos Recall the Original Film in the Best Way


We’re getting ever so close to the release of the new Halloween sequel/reboot, and these newly released photos from the production are only going to make the remaining wait that much more excruciating.


Perhaps the coolest thing about the new Halloween is that it’s picking up where the 1978 original left off. The film is ignoring the events of that film’s many sequels and going back to basics. Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie Strode, John Carpenter is involved in the production and is scoring the film, and even Nick Castle — the original man behind the Michael Myers mask — has returned to his old role for portions of the film. And speaking of Castle, he had a little fun on set when he recreated one of the original film’s most famous behind-the-scenes photos of himself feeding his mask a little Dr. Pepper. You can check out the original pic below, along with Castle’s new recreation.



In addition to Castle’s fun pic, the studio has also released two new images from the movie, and they’re definitely going for that old school slasher movie feel. The images, seen in the pages of Rue Morgue magazine and put online by Bloody Disgusting, show two of Michael Myers’ victims in the film. One is a cop who’s had his throat slashed, which occurred either before or after he had a human head Jack-o-lantern dumped in his lap. The other is an auto mechanic who appears to have had his lower jaw ripped out. You can check them out over at Bloody Disgusting, although the scanned quality isn’t the greatest. For better clarity, pick up issue #183 of Rue Morgue.


Halloween hits theaters on Oct 19, just in time for you-know-what.

Images courtesy of Universal Pictures