The New Frontier EPISODE GUIDE

From Here to There
Episode 1
A fresh look at exploring the new frontiers of space.
The Moon
Episode 2
Our most influential partner; learning more about our closest neighbor and a planned return to the Moon.
The Inner Worlds
Episode 3
Mercury and Venus; two planets that generate more questions than answers as we delve deeper into their workings.
Episode 4
Mars is now under robotic scrutiny with our sights set on a manned mission soon.
The Planet Makers
Episode 5
Scientists and engineers manage to land a spacecraft on a comet; knowledge of these celestial marauders may drive industrial expansion into deep space.
The Gas Giants
Episode 6
With the recent launch of the first privately owned space craft to service the international space station, it's time to take a fresh look at the new frontiers of space.
The Moons of Olympus
Episode 7
Moons of the gas giants, each is a unique and mysterious world of its own; some have oceans of water, geysers of Sulphur or atmospheres of plastic.


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