The Outer Limits (1963) EPISODE GUIDE


Season 2 | Episode 1
An ultimate future soldier hunts an enemy into the present. With Lloyd Nolan, Michael Ansara. Written by Harlan Ellison.
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Season 2 | Episode 2
An astronaut (William Shatner) returns from a successful orbit around the scorching planet Venus to find that he can't keep himself warm.
Behold Eck
Season 2 | Episode 3
An eye specialist (Peter Lind Hayes) creates lenses that allow wearers to see a two-dimensional alien.
Expanding Human
Season 2 | Episode 4
A drug gives a professor (Skip Homeier) heightened awareness, hypnotic power and super-strength. With James Doohan.
Demon With a Glass Hand
Season 2 | Episode 5
Alien soldiers seek the last human survivor of a future war, a man with a glass hand. With Robert Culp. Written by Harlan Ellison.
Cry of Silence
Season 2 | Episode 6
In a remote canyon, a couple (Eddie Albert, June Havoc) is stalked by animated tumbleweeds possessed by an alien intelligence.
Invisible Enemy
Season 2 | Episode 7
A Mars expedition arrives to discover its predecessor's fate and loses a crewman in a sea of sand. With Adam West.
Wolf 359
Season 2 | Episode 8
A scientist's (Patrick O'Neal) wife (Sara Shane) works to destroy a creature escaped from a miniature, artificial planet.
I Robot
Season 2 | Episode 9
A gentle, but huge and grotesque, robot (Red Morgan) is tried for killing its creator, a small-town research scientist.
The Inheritors
Season 2 | Episode 10
Soldiers struck by bullets made from the meteorite ore become geniuses. With Robert Duvall, Steve Ihnat.