Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot EPISODE GUIDE

Dracolon, The Great Sea Monster
Episode 1
Johnny discovers the B.F. Gang, Unicorn, and takes control of Giant Robot, his ally in the fight for good over evil.
Nucleon, The Magic Globe
Episode 2
The emperor sends a huge magic metal globe to Earth with orders to arrest Johnny and the robot when they come to destroy it.
Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant
Episode 3
The emperor attacks Earth by bringing back an ancient space plant that devours everything it touches.
Monster Ligon-Tyrox, A Strange Monster
Episode 4
Emperor Guillotine sends Dr. Over and Ligon, a new weapon in the shape of a pyramid, to the Earth, where Ligon attempts to cripple the world's economy by destroying Middle Eastern oil fields.
The Gigantic Claw
Episode 5
The BF gang tries to steal the secrets of QQV, a transparent metal impervious to nearly all attacks, including those from giant robots.
Dragon, the Ninja Monster
Episode 6
Emperor Guillotine sends a monster to Earth that destroys a plane and a submarine, causing the vessels' owners to declare war over the destroyed property.
Our Enemy - Scalion
Episode 7
A sea monster destroys a Unicorn station, and if the BF Syndicate finds a decoder left there, members will know the locations of all of the Unicorn hideouts.
The Challenge of the Two-Headed Monster
Episode 8
Johnny and Minami are tricked by a one-eyed man who lures them to a cave where the BF has supposedly imprisoned a group of children.
Tentaclon, an Electric Monster
Episode 9
Emperor Guillotine gives Dr. Over a spaceship equipped with all kinds of scientific weapons; after landing on Earth, Over sends an electric monster called Sparky to a soccer game to kidnap all 30,000 spectators as hostages.
Transformed Humans
Episode 10
Dr. Over makes Ligon swallow a train near Lake Biwa to kidnap one of the passengers and head of the Kyoto Branch of Unicorn Organization.


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