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No Compromises
Season 5 | Episode 1
Ivanova's replacement arrives during Sheridan's inaugural preparations; a renegade telepath foils an assassination.
The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Season 5 | Episode 2
To recover from a heart attack, Londo must face his fears and heal his soul.
The Paragon of Animals
Season 5 | Episode 3
G'Kar drafts the Declaration of Principles; role of refugee telepaths.
A View From the Gallery
Season 5 | Episode 4
Two ordinary crewmen go about their normal routine while the station defends against an alien attack.
Learning Curve
Season 5 | Episode 5
Garibaldi confronts Lochley; Minbari Rangers enlighten Delenn about their training techniques.
Strange Relations
Season 5 | Episode 6
Bester comes for the telepaths; Lochley sends Garibaldi to the brig; Delenn chooses a bodyguard for Londo.
Secrets of the Soul
Season 5 | Episode 7
Franklin discovers a centuries-old secret while collecting information on diseases; Byron and Lyta reach an understanding.
The Day of the Dead
Season 5 | Episode 8
The Brakiri rent a portion of Babylon 5 for a religious ceremony; a famous comedy team visits the ship.
In the Kingdom of the Blind
Season 5 | Episode 9
Byron's telepaths give the Alliance an ultimatum; Londo and G'Kar make an unsettling visit to Centauri Prime.
A Tragedy of the Telepaths
Season 5 | Episode 10
Alliance ships continue to disappear; Lockley calls on Bester to help with the telepaths.