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The Hour of the Wolf
Season 4 | Episode 1
Ivanova (Claudia Christian) takes Lyta (Patricia Tallman) to the vicinity of Z'ha'dum to search for signs of Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner); Centauri Emperor Cartagia (Wortham Krimmer) makes a foolish pact with the Shadows; G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) vows to find Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle).
Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Season 4 | Episode 2
Sheridan finds himeslf suspended between life and death with an unusual stranger; Centauris capture G'Kar; Delenn gathers troops.
The Summoning
Season 4 | Episode 3
Zack follows the transport that found Garibaldi's Starfury; G'Kar's stamina is tested; dissension on Babylon 5 is quelled by a surprise speaker.
Falling Toward Apotheosis
Season 4 | Episode 4
Londo discovers the emperor's insane plans and fears the Vorlons will attack Centauri Prime; Sheridan surprises Delenn.
The Long Night
Season 4 | Episode 5
Sheridan prepares a counteroffensive; Londo plots against evil Emperor Cartagia; Ivanova and Lorien search for the First Ones.
Into the Fire
Season 4 | Episode 6
Sheridan's fleet gets caught between the Vorlons and the Shadows as a planet-killer bears down on Coriana 6.
Season 4 | Episode 7
Londo announces a regent; Garibaldi resigns; President Clark invokes an embargo against Babylon 5; Z'ha'dum is destroyed.
The Illusion of Truth
Season 4 | Episode 8
An unprincipled ISN reporter promises to do an honest story about the space station; Sheridan receives bad news from home; Garibaldi has flashbacks.
Season 4 | Episode 9
To counter President Clark's propaganda war, Franklin and Marcus meet with martian allies; on Minbar, Delenn defends her relationship with Sheridan.
Racing Mars
Season 4 | Episode 10
Garibaldi's (Jerry Doyle) animosity toward Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) entices the captain's enemies to approach the former security chief; Franklin and Marcus (Richard Biggs, Jason Carter) meet with leaders (Marjorie Monaghan, Clayton Landey) of the Mars resistance.