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Matters of Honor
Season 3 | Episode 1
Earthforce intelligence studies the Shadows; Londo tries to break the Centauri/Shadow alliance; Centauris blockade a Ranger camp.
Season 3 | Episode 2
Explosions rock the space station and trap G'Kar and Londo (Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik) in the transport tube, where each takes bitter delight in the possibility of the other's demise. With Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, Claudia Christian, Patrick Kilpatrick and Louis Turenne.
A Day in the Strife
Season 3 | Episode 3
G'Kar is ordered back to Narn; Franklin behaves strangely; an alien pod demands answers to an IQ test.
Passing Through Gethsemane
Season 3 | Episode 4
Brother Edward, a new arrival on the station, is haunted by visions and learns he was subjected to a punishment called death of personality.
Voices of Authority
Season 3 | Episode 5
Ivanova contacts the First Ones, ancient enemies of the Shadows; Sheridan gets a new political officer.
Dust to Dust
Season 3 | Episode 6
A Psi-cop (Walter Koenig) comes after a dealer in dust, a mind-enhancing drug that could be a powerful weapon.
Season 3 | Episode 7
Shadow vessels gather on the edge of Centauri space, Lurkers are chosen to merge with a race via parasite, and Marcus reveals his attraction for Ivanova.
Messages From Earth
Season 3 | Episode 8
An archaeologist knows of Earth's plans for newly discovered Shadow ships; President Clark declares martial law.
Point of No Return
Season 3 | Episode 9
The Earth Alliance declares martial law on Babylon 5, causing riots that nearly injure Londo's guest, Lady Morella, and pitting Sheridan against Nightwatch.
Severed Dreams
Season 3 | Episode 10
President Clark sends elite forces to seize Babylon 5 and orders Mars bombed when the colony refuses to enact martial law.