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Points of Departure
Season 2 | Episode 1
Sinclair is reassigned and a new commander arrives at the station as Garibaldi remains in a coma and Delenn continues her transformation.
Season 2 | Episode 2
Londo becomes more entwined with Morden; Dr. Franklin tries an alien experimental procedure on the comatose Garibaldi; Delenn emerges from her cocoon.
Geometry of Shadows
Season 2 | Episode 3
Londo's rise to power may be jeopardized by a mysterious wizard; Ivanova is promoted and given a difficult assignment; Garibaldi slowly recovers.
A Distant Star
Season 2 | Episode 4
An old friend of Sheridan's with an exciting job creates doubts in the captain's mind about his own position; a Minbari associate is suspicious of Delenn.
The Long Dark
Season 2 | Episode 5
A battered ship docked at the space station contains a dead man and a woman in suspended animation; a doomsday prophet disrupts the Zocolo.
Spider in the Web
Season 2 | Episode 6
A Future Corp. executive monitoring Mars negotiations is murdered; witness Talia fears she may be next.
Soul Mates
Season 2 | Episode 7
Londo gets permission to divorce two of his wives; Talia's ex-husband arrives; Delenn seeks beauty tips.
A Race Through Dark Places
Season 2 | Episode 8
Bester (Walter Koenig) enlists Talia to catch unregistered telepaths; Delenn asks Sheridan to dinner.
The Coming of Shadows
Season 2 | Episode 9
Sheridan's ceremonial welcome for the Centauri emperor angers G'Kar; Garibaldi gets a strange message.
Season 2 | Episode 10
Dr. Franklin's father arrives on the station with 25,000 troops, causing many to fear the station is becoming an armed camp; Delenn is threatened.