We Have No Idea What’s Going On In This Ukrainian Horror Movie Trailer, But It Looks Awesome
We Have No Idea What’s Going On In This Ukrainian Horror Movie Trailer, But It Looks Awesome


Every once in a while, a movie comes along that blows your mind in such a major way that it becomes hard to imagine what your life was like before you watched it. The new Ukrainian sci-fi horror film The Stranger looks like it’s going to be one of those movies.


The film was written and directed by Dmitriy Tomapolskiy and has hauled in a number of awards on the festival circuit since premiering last year at Korea’s Seoul International Film Festival, including the SFTF Award for Best Sci-Fi Feature Film and the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival Award for Best Original Screenplay. The trailer for the film has just been released, and it looks like one seriously wild trip. There’s a missing person investigation revolving around a woman who disappeared while taking a bath, synchronized swimmers in the ocean watching a UFO take off, a creepy doll that comes to life, a librarian discussing the hidden meaning of sneezes, and a casually-dressed fish-man waxing poetic about the nature of spacetime. It is, in a word, bonkers.



The movie’s official synopsis does little to clear up our confusion, but we’re so intrigued at this point that we’re just willing to roll with it. Check it out below, courtesy of JoBlo.


A synchronized swimming team has disappeared in the swimming pool during a performance. A patient of a water-therapy clinic has disappeared while taking a bath. How are these cases connected and how does a doll with real hair relate to it? An inspector with no unsolved cases will have to investigate that. She will also have to find out who she really is.


The Stranger has no release date as of yet, as the trailer just states that it’s “coming soon,” but we’ll definitely be checking out this mindbender the first chance we get.


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Image courtesy of JoBlo on YouTube