The Original ‘Ghoulies’ Director and Writer Want to Reboot the Franchise
The Original ‘Ghoulies’ Director and Writer Want to Reboot the Franchise


If you’re a longtime watcher of COMET, then there’s a decent chance you’ve seen the film Ghoulies come across your screen once or twice. The 1985 B movie is one of our favorites, and it’s far more than just a Gremlins knockoff — it’s one of the strangest and most fun creature features of its era. But that era may be about to expand, as the writer/director and co-writer of the original film are looking to reboot the franchise for a new generation.


Author Graham Le Neve Painter is currently working on the book The Complete History of Ghoulies, and he’s been in contact with director Luca Bercovici and writer Jefery Levy about their plans to bring Ghoulies back. Le Neve Painter shared on the “Ghoulies Movies” Facebook page that the pair are hoping to drum up enough fan interest to convince Sony Pictures — which holds the rights to the franchise — to give them another crack at Ghoulies. Le Neve Painter has even started a petition on behalf of the Ghoulies creators, allowing fans to make their support for a reboot official. “Bercovici and Levy are urging fans to climb the porcelain throne and support the #ghouliesreboot campaign in order to show Sony that audiences want a new entry to the series,” the petition page reads.


Although we don’t know what this Ghoulies reboot would look like, exactly, Levy and Bercovici apparently already have a story in mind. “Luca and I are trying to rally SONY PICTURES to let us do a reboot of Ghoulies. We have a great concept,” Levy wrote on another Ghoulies Facebook group’s page. “If everyone can call or email or post on the Sony website and Facebook site it would be a big help.”


The first Ghoulies followed the exploits of a number of slimy, disgusting little demons that were summoned to Earth via a Satanic ritual. It was gross, raunchy, cheesy, kind of funny, a little scary, and incredibly bizarre. The movie proved successful enough to spawn three sequels, but the franchise has been dormant since the 1994 release of Ghoulies IV. Could Ghoulies make a return three decades later and prove to be successful once again? Levy and Bercovici certainly think so, but they’re going to need your help. So heed their call and usher in the new era of Ghoulies!



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