Sylvester Stallone Says Work Has Begun on a ‘Demolition Man’ Sequel
Sylvester Stallone Says Work Has Begun on a ‘Demolition Man’ Sequel


The 1993 sci-fi action movie Demolition Man recently came back into the zeitgeist thanks to a few uncanny similarities it shares with the current coronavirus pandemic, and it looks like the film’s renewed profile is about to be capitalized on in a big way.


Sylvester Stallone, who starred in the original film alongside Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock, recently claimed that a sequel was in the works during an Instagram Q+A. When a fan asked if we could get another “Demo Man,” Stallone said: “I think there is (one) coming… we’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic. So that should come out. That’s gonna happen.”



Stallone didn’t provide any other details beyond that brief statement, but given that the studio is apparently already involved, it seems more likely than not that the movie will actually get made. But what would a Demolition Man sequel even look like? The film’s bizarre future society was at least partially altered by the end of the first film, potentially taking away a lot of what made the movie so much fun. Snipes’ character was killed in the original, so we doubt he’ll be back. And although Bullock’s character ended up with Stallone at the end of the film, we don’t really see her clamoring to return, either, as the original was one of her first films and she’s gone on to become a superstar and an Oscar-winner in the decades since.


To be honest, though, neither the characters nor the plot of a potential Demolition Man sequel is all that important compared to the one lingering question we have from the original: How do you use the three seashells? As long as this mystery gets solved in the sequel, we’ll be satisfied.


You can check out the rest of Sly’s Q+A session below, which includes stories on who his favorite on-screen fight opponent was and the surprising reason why he got his first tattoo.



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