No One Will Get Near You With This Alien Facehugger Mask
No One Will Get Near You With This Alien Facehugger Mask


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been forced to adapt to a new normal. When going out, face masks have become mandatory, but social distancing is still considered the safest protection against the virus. But what do you do when you’re out with your mask and people still won’t stay six feet away from you? One artist may have the answer.


Artist and Alien fan Lady Frankenstein devised an ingenious face mask that seems to offer all of the protection of a CDC-recommended cloth mask while also looking exactly like an Alien Facehugger. The skilled craftswoman from Germany made the mask from modeling clay and shared the incredible results on her Facebook page, and the terrifying mask quickly went viral. However, cool as these masks are, we wouldn’t recommend exchanging your cloth mask for one since it’s probably not so easy to breathe through a layer of clay for an extended period.


An artist created an Alien facehugger-inspired coronavirus mask

An artist gets creative with Alien-inspired coronavirus mask.

Posted by Yahoo Finance on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Frankenstein had previously made herself a pretty nifty mask that looks like an octopus, and that project eventually led to the Alien mask. “After I made myself a mask with octopus tentacles, my husband also wanted a fancy mask,” Frankenstein said, according to Jo Blo. “Since we both think the Alien films are very cool and are big fans of them, I suggested to my husband to make a Facehugger as a mask. He was thrilled with the idea and I started.”


The mask definitely looks awesome and should do an admirable job of keeping any quarantine-quitters away from you at the supermarket, lest they want to be infected with a chestburster.


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Image courtesy of Lady Frankenstein on Facebook