‘Alien: The Official Cookbook’ Will Offer Up All Kinds of Chest, Err, Stomach-Bursting Treats
‘Alien: The Official Cookbook’ Will Offer Up All Kinds of Chest, Err, Stomach-Bursting Treats


When you think of sci-fi franchises with delicious food, Alien probably isn’t what comes to mind. With its facehuggers, slimy eggs, and drooling xenomorphs, the franchise is more likely to make you lose your lunch than order lunch. But that could soon change because an official Alien cookbook is in the works and it sounds like it’s going to feature some pretty delicious chest, err, stomach-bursting treats.


The book comes from cook Chris-Rachael Oseland, who runs the pop culture food blog Overlord Kitchen. Oseland’s blog features her creative and edible take on items from all corners of the science-fiction universe, like Tardis cookies, Magneto pie, and withered zombie eyeballs (they’re made from figs, jam, and string cheese, natch). She has occasionally featured some Alien-inspired treats, like the facehugger eggs seen in the above photo, but now she’s going all-in with 50 recipes for the book. The hardcover, full-color compendium will feature recipes for tempting delights such as Avocado Xenomorph Eggs and Chicken Facehugger Cordon Bleu. Our stomachs are rumbling just thinking about it… or is that the baby xenomorph we ingested earlier? Either way, we’re excited about the book.


Oseland has previously penned a few unofficial cookbooks for The Hobbit, Doctor Who, and Settlers of Catan, but near as we can tell, the Alien cookbook will be her first official franchise cookbook. Not a bad place to start, if you ask us.


Alien: The Official Cookbook from Titan Books will hit store shelves on Nov. 10, 2020 and will be priced at $34.95, according to Bloody Disgusting.



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Images courtesy of Chris-Rachael Oseland, Titan Books