The First ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Reaction Has Arrived
The First ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Reaction Has Arrived


The Godzilla news front has been all too quiet over the last several months, but now the beast is getting restless. We’ve just received the first fan reaction to this November’s Godzilla vs Kong, and it sounds like we’re in for one epic battle.


Following a recent test-screening of the film, one fan took to Twitter to voice their opinion on what they saw. Spoiler alert: they loved it. “I’m not going to spoil the film,” wrote Twitter user @ViewerAnon, according to JoBlo. “Suffice it to say Godzilla vs Kong is the best movie in the modern Monsterverse and blissfully runs less than two hours.” For the uninitiated, Monsterverse refers to the current Legendary/Warner Bros. franchise of giant monster movies that consists of 2014’s Godzilla, 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, and last year’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. All of those films, by the way, were at least two hours long and probably could have used a little trimming. So what this viewer is saying, essentially, is that Godzilla vs Kong manages to be both better and tighter than the other films in the franchise. Sounds like a win to us, but there’s a catch.


This reaction was to a test-screening, not the final film. And since the movie isn’t going to be released until November, it’s likely that it will see a few tweaks before it gets to theaters, meaning that what this fan was praising could become a slightly different (and possibly longer) film by the time it’s through with the editing process. We’ll find out just how good this monster mash-up really is when Godzilla vs Kong stomps into theaters on Nov. 20.


Images courtesy of Warner Bros., GIPHY