Cover Your Mirrors and Watch the Trailer for New Horror Film ‘Behind You’
Cover Your Mirrors and Watch the Trailer for New Horror Film ‘Behind You’


Imagine going to visit a relative and finding that all of the mirrors in their house have been covered. You’d be pretty weirded out by such an event, no? Well, that’s exactly what happens in the upcoming horror film Behind You, and the reason why will give you nightmares.


The film is the feature debut for writer-directors Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon, and if the movie’s first trailer is any indication then the pair have a very bright (or rather, dark) future ahead of them. The film is about two young sisters who are sent to live within an estranged aunt. Upon arriving at her creepy house, they discover the aforementioned covered mirror situation. Notably weirded out, the younger of the girls then finds a hidden mirror in the basement — which is forbidden — after thinking that she saw her mother enter the room. The mirror ends up containing an evil demon that had tormented their aunt and mother years earlier, naturally, and now it’s back and wreaking more havoc than ever.


Lesson learned: If mirrors are covered, they’re probably covered for a reason. So cover all of the mirrors in your home and check out the first trailer for Behind You below.



The movie definitely looks creepy, and judging from their trailer we’re guessing it’s a mix of possession horror and a haunted house movie. That’s a combo that has worked great in the past for films like Paranormal Activity, and as long as there’s some good atmosphere-building and no overreliance on jumpscares, Behind You could prove to be another spooky winner for the formula.


Behind You will possess VOD platforms on April 17.


Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment