A New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Officially Happening, Here’s What We Know
A New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Officially Happening, Here’s What We Know


Ghostface lives! After nearly a decade-long hiatus, one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time is set to return to the big screen. A fifth Scream movie is officially in the works, and a pair of exciting new filmmakers will be looking to make their mark on the franchise.


Legendary horror director Wes Craven is the originator of Scream, having directed the first film in 1996 and all three of its sequels prior to this. But Craven passed away in 2015, and 2011’s Scream 4 was the last movie he ever directed. Replacing him certainly won’t be easy, but Spyglass Media Group — the new owners of the franchise — seem to be on the right track with their director pick. The studio has tapped the directing duo of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett to helm Scream 5. The pair directed last year’s Ready or Not, a horror-comedy in the vein of Scream that garnered tremendous critical acclaim and was a box office hit, so they certainly seem up to the task. The new film will also have a significant link to Scream‘s past as well, as screenwriter Kevin Williamson — who penned Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4 — has signed on to executive produce the fifth installment.

According to Discussing Film, who broke the story, the new movie’s plot will center around a “woman returning to her home town to try to find out who has been committing a series of vicious crimes.” The site also notes that it’s unknown whether the film will be a sequel or a reboot at this time.


The last we saw of the franchise was on the small screen with Scream the TV series. After debuting on MTV in 2015, the show garnered solid reviews over its first two seasons. But a change of direction and a change of network to VH1 for season 3 last year left the series’ future in doubt.


No word yet on when the Scream movie could arrive in theaters, but we can say for sure that the Ghostface killer will strike again.


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