‘Trolls World’ Trailer Will Give You Serious ‘Troll 2’ Vibes
‘Trolls World’ Trailer Will Give You Serious ‘Troll 2’ Vibes


Troll 2 is widely considered to be the best worst movie ever created, but it looks like it’s about to get some serious competition in the form of its upcoming spiritual sequel, Trolls World.


The new ultra-low-budget horror film comes out of Germany, where it goes by the title Goblin: Das Ist Echt Troll, which roughly translates to Goblin: That Is Really Troll. That title itself may be a cheeky reference to Troll 2, which was originally called Goblins in its native Italy and was in fact about goblins rather than trolls (it’s a long story). Like Troll 2, this foreign film was shot in English, and it features horrible acting, cheesy effects, and a shoddy script. In other words, it could be the movie Troll 2 fans have been waiting decades for. Adding to the Troll 2 comparisons is the inclusion of actor George Hardy. Hardy, a dentist by trade, was the star of Troll 2, and he appears in Trolls World as well. Here’s the film’s official synopsis, courtesy of Rue Morgue:


Packed with special effects and multi-dimensions, TROLLS WORLD follows an evil troll who is accidentally brought back to life and is out for revenge for his 700 years of suffering. He possesses the body of a young woman and sets his sights on unleashing an army of trolls to take over the world.


The synopsis certainly sounds ridiculous enough, but how does the trailer look? See for yourself below.



Welp, that’s a trailer all right. Although we appreciate the practical effect used on the troll, which is truly awful, there’s a bit too much terrible CGI for our taste. The movie’s tone is also all over the place, as the music and effects seem to suggest a light-hearted story, but the action on-screen borders on serious. And we’re still trying to figure out whether the titular troll, who also appears as a broom-riding woman, is a troll or a witch. The movie clearly is trying to play up its Troll 2 connections by amping up the cheese, but that type of self-aware awfulness can be hard to pull off.


As of now, it’s hard to say whether Trolls World will be so bad it’s good or just plain bad, but we’re leaning toward the latter.


Image courtesy of Devilworks via Rue Morgue