The New ‘Invisible Man’ Trailer Is Crazy Terrifying
The New ‘Invisible Man’ Trailer Is Crazy Terrifying


After the critical and box office failure of Universal’s reboot of The Mummy in 2017, it appeared that the studio’s “Dark Universe” of interconnected classic monster movie reboots was dead in the water. That may be true for the Dark Universe, but the latest trailer for the studio’s The Invisible Man reimagining shows that Universal’s classic monsters are still viable properties for rebooting when in the right hands.


The Invisible Man‘s new trailer is straight-up terrifying and is a far cry from the pseudo-Avengers style action the company tried with The Mummy. In the new version of the classic story, Elisabeth Moss plays a woman who leaves her abusive husband, who subsequently kills himself. Except he didn’t really die, he faked his own death and underwent an experiment that turned him invisible. He then begins stalking and terrorizing his ex, which causes those around her to become convinced that she’s going insane. As ludicrous as the premise is, it looks as though the film handles it in a shockingly realistic manner, resulting in one of the tensest trailers we’ve seen in a long time. Check it out below.



If Universal can keep up this sort of vibe with their other upcoming reboots, then the same classic monsters who terrified audiences in the ’30s and ’40s just might once again end up being the scariest game in town.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures