Watch Thomas Jane Battle a Werewolf in the Trailer for ‘Hunter’s Moon’
Watch Thomas Jane Battle a Werewolf in the Trailer for ‘Hunter’s Moon’


A hunter’s moon refers to a full moon in October, and it dates back to the Native Americans who used to use its plentiful light to hunt the freshly-fattened up deer as the weather turned cold. But in the new movie Hunter’s Moon, something besides humans is doing the hunting — and it isn’t after deer.


The film is a combination of home invasion horror with werewolf horror, mixing elements of both to create something new. In the film, a trio of teenage girls decides to throw a house party after their parents leave town. Their plans go awry when their house is infiltrated by three burglars with bad intentions who hold the girls hostage while ransacking the place. But escaping won’t be easy for the girls or the intruders, as they soon discover that a bloodthirsty werewolf — apparently responsible for a mysterious rash of killings in town — is lurking just outside their door. Joining the fun is horror veteran Thomas Jane (The Mist, 1922) as a local cop who attempts to come to the girls’ rescue and ends up finding far more danger than he’d bargained for. The first trailer has just been released, and it has a wonderful old school feel; especially when it comes to its avoidance of giving us a good glimpse at the monster.



You won’t have to wait until the next hunter’s moon to watch the film, as Hunter’s Moon hits DVD, Digital, and On Demand on March 24.


Image courtesy of Lionsgate