The New ‘Picard’ Trailer Lays the ‘TNG’ Nostalgia on Thick
The New ‘Picard’ Trailer Lays the ‘TNG’ Nostalgia on Thick


The newest Picard trailer has arrived, and it really wants to remind you just how much you loved Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The newest sneak peek, which premiered during a CBS NFL telecast, appears to show Captain Jean-Luc Picard putting together a team in order to help the mysterious young girl who’s at the heart of some sort of conspiracy. And just who is Picard trying to recruit? Why, it’s his old pals from his TNG days, William T. Riker and Deanna Troi. Star Trek‘s most famous couple appear to still be together in the trailer, but judging by their ultra-casual outfits, it looks like they’re in no rush to go on any new Starfleet adventures with their old captain. This suggests to us that the duo are going to rebuff Picard’s invitation to join him on his mission, and we’re guessing that their presence in the new series is pretty limited. But that’s OK, as there’s plenty of other exciting stuff in the new teaser, like Star Trek: Voyager‘s Seven of Nine, who pops up in a sweet action sequence, and a number of Vulcans of varying allegiance. Still, despite all of this familiar Star Trek goodness, the most exciting prospect about the series remains the return of Patrick Stewart in the role of Picard, as this new trailer shows just how intensely he’s thrown himself back into the role.


Check out the new teaser below.



Star Trek: Picard will premiere on CBS: All Access on Jan. 23.


Image courtesy of CBS