A Dangerous Plan Is Hatched in the First ‘Underwater’ Clip
A Dangerous Plan Is Hatched in the First ‘Underwater’ Clip


The new year is already shaping up to be a scary one, if this new clip from the upcoming creature feature Underwater is any indication.


The movie features Kristen Stewart leading an ensemble cast of undersea explorers who are sent to the bottom of the ocean on a research project. But after an earthquake damages their station on the ocean floor, they’re forced to flee on foot to try and walk miles away to safety (did we mention they’re on the ocean floor?). Once they venture outside the station, they learn that some sort of leviathan is lurking in the depths — and it isn’t happy.


The film has just released its tense first clip, and though neither hide nor hair of the undersea monster is seen or even mentioned, it’s still plenty scary. In the clip, the group first hatches the plan to walk miles across the pitch-black ocean floor with a limited supply of oxygen, because if they stay in their damaged base — which is on the verge of a complete meltdown — they’ll surely die. The plan is exceedingly dangerous and no one is really in favor of doing it, but as you’ll see in the clip, it’s also their only option.



Anyone else get claustrophobic just from watching that? We can surely expect lots more horrifying happenings below the sea when Underwater hits theaters on Jan. 10.


Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox