New ‘Mandalorian’ Trailer Reveals Fresh Details About Star Wars’ First Live-Action Series
New ‘Mandalorian’ Trailer Reveals Fresh Details About Star Wars’ First Live-Action Series


The Mandalorian is poised to premiere as the first-ever live-action Star Wars TV series in less than two weeks, and yet, we still know almost nothing about it. A new trailer is giving us our best look yet at the upcoming series, and while we can’t say it reveals a ton of information about the plot, it certainly looks impressive.


The series stars Game of Thrones‘ Pedro Pascal as an as-yet-unnamed Mandalorian bounty hunter in the vein of Boba Fett… but he’s not Boba Fett. He’s a “lone gunslinger” on the outskirts of the galaxy, navigating the wild and untamed climate that has emerged following the downfall of the Empire. The series takes place five years after Return of the Jedi, but is set in a time before the First Order rose up. This should give the series plenty of leeway in terms of story, as this is not a time period that has been explored yet in the new Star Wars canon.


The new trailer features the first spoken lines from the Mandalorian himself (he’s not much of a talker), as well as a lengthy monologue from Werner Herzog’s mysterious crime boss character. There’s also loads of action, with the Mandalorian making use of tons of different weapons, flying around on his jetpack, and freezing bounties in carbonite. This is the Star Wars series you’re looking for. Check out the trailer below.



In a lengthy Collider interview, show creator Jon Favreau and writer/executive producer Dave Filoni hinted that some characters from old Star Wars canon could show up in the show — while also revealing there will be a number of references to the most reviled piece of Star Wars media there is: the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. The special has become legendary for its awfulness, but it’s also somewhat revered for having introduced the character of Boba Fett in an animated segment. Fett’s rifle from the special shows up in The Mandalorian, but that won’t be all. There’s also a reference to Life Day, the holiday celebrated in the special, as well as other Holiday Special Easter eggs. “I didn’t realize there were a lot of references, but I guess there is,” Favreau said.


The Mandalorian‘s first episode will premiere on Disney+ on Nov. 12, just in time for Life Day.


Image courtesy of Disney