A Lovecraftian Cinematic Universe May Be Coming
A Lovecraftian Cinematic Universe May Be Coming


Just about everything has a cinematic universe these days. Comic books, cars, cartoons. But you know what doesn’t have a cinematic universe? Cosmic horror. Well, that’s about to change as we may be witnessing the birth a cinematic universe based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Director Richard Stanley’s upcoming Lovecraft adaptation Color Out of Space has just released its first trailer, and the film looks colorful, disturbing, insane, and, well, awesome. It stars Nicolas Cage as a man whose family has their lives turned upside down after a meteor crashlands in their yard and alien forces begin manipulating them. And though the film has not yet been released, the producers behind Color Out of Space — Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah — have enough faith in the film that they’re already talking about it being the start of a Lovecraftian cinematic universe.


The duo revealed to Comingsoon.net that they’re already developing an adaptation of The Dunwich Horror, saying that hopefully there is “enough of an appetite for these things, and we can keep them going and make at least three of them … [because Lovecraft is] such an important voice in horror.”



Lovecraft’s stories have been adapted numerous times before, but never on this big of a scale and never really as a cohesive series of films. Hopefully, with big names on board like Wood and Cage that will change, starting with Color Out of Space, which hits theaters on Jan. 24, 2020.


Image courtesy of Ace Pictures/SpectreVision