A Full-Scale Godzilla Attraction Is Coming to Japan
A Full-Scale Godzilla Attraction Is Coming to Japan


If your lifelong dream has been to encounter a lifesize Godzilla in real life, buckle up because your dream is about to become a reality.


Japanese theme park Nijigen no Mori, located on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, has announced that they’re building a new to-scale attraction of Godzilla that’s based on the 2016 live-action Toho film Shin Godzilla. The attraction will consist of a massive Godzilla as it rises up from the ground, its body mostly submerged. The beast will measure roughly 20 meters high, 25 meters wide, and 55 meters long. Visitors to the attraction will be able to go inside Godzilla via his mouth while inside a tram-like vehicle, where they will then be tasked with shooting and destroying the kaiju’s cells. The in-attraction story is that Godzilla has temporarily been subdued after crawling out of the sea, with attraction-goers now having the responsibility of keeping him that way. Judging what we know about theme park rides, we’re guessing the mission doesn’t go all that smoothly.



The attraction will be the first-ever permanent, full-scale Godzilla theme park attraction, according to Toho’s Chief Godzilla Officer (what a job title!), Keiji Ota, as reported by Kyodo News. That’s a little surprising, given Godzilla’s long history and immense popularity in Japan, but better late than never we suppose.



No opening date for the attraction has been given as of yet, but you can bet we’ll be booking our tickets to Japan as soon as one is announced.


Images courtesy of Toho