Watch the Trailer for New Evil Social Media Sci-fi Series ‘The Feed’
Watch the Trailer for New Evil Social Media Sci-fi Series ‘The Feed’


If you’ve been thinking about getting off of social media, the new sci-fi series The Feed might just give you the final push you need (but assuming you stay connected, make sure to like Watch Comet on Facebook!).


The series takes place in the near-future where an omnipresent form of social media called The Feed keeps tabs on everyone, at all times. It’s an implant in your brain that records everything you do in order to share it with others, while also offering augmented reality capabilities that change what you see and experience. But, naturally, these implants start malfunctioning, causing their wearers — which, keep in mind, is pretty much everyone — to start hallucinating and acting violently. Here’s the official synopsis:


In the near future, a high-tech implant connects our minds to “The Feed.” Every interaction, emotion, and memory can be shared instantly. Tom (Guy Burnet) and Kate (Nina Toussaint-White) are a young couple trying to resist their addiction to tech. Tom’s father Lawrence (David Thewlis) invented “The Feed,” and his mother Meredith (Michelle Fairley) is the CEO overseeing its daily operation. When strange and violent things begin to happen to its users, Tom must do all he can to protect his wife and baby daughter from his father’s twisted creation. ‘The Feed’ tells a very human story about survival, family, and the lengths that you would go to protect the ones you love.


The series, which has some not-so-nice things to say about social media and our collective willingness to allow ourselves to constantly be recorded, will ironically stream on Amazon Prime. Yes, Amazon, the gigantic corporation that manufactures A.I.-enabled listening devices and cameras that people install all over their homes. Here’s hoping the company isn’t trying to tell us something…


Turn off your Alexa and check out the trailer for The Feed below.



The Feed is set to debut on Amazon Prime on Nov. 22.

Image courtesy of Amazon