Trailer for New British ‘Dracula’ Series Is Here to Rehabilitate Vampires’ Image
Trailer for New British ‘Dracula’ Series Is Here to Rehabilitate Vampires’ Image


Let’s face it, vampires have taken a beating over the last few decades. From their run as glittery bloodsuckers in the Twilight saga to becoming a laughing stock (and an admittedly hilarious one) in What We Do in the Shadows, vampires just aren’t scary anymore like they were back in the days of Bram Stoker. But a new series based on Stoker’s classic Dracula is looking to change that by bringing stylish — and terrifying — gothic horror back to the vampire genre.


The three-episode miniseries, simply called Dracula, comes from Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. You may have heard of them, as they were also behind another popular reboot of an ancient IP, Sherlock. Danish actor Claes Bang portrays the eponymous creature of the night, and though we can’t say we’re super familiar with his work, he definitely looks the part in the show’s first teaser trailer.


Speaking of the trailer, it doesn’t give much away (nor does it need to, you know the story), but it sure sets up some atmosphere. There’s an awesomely spooky castle, stylish shots of dripping blood and rotting fingernails, some downright creepy shots of the undead, and even an army of nuns wielding stakes. Seriously, if anything is going to rehabilitate the tarnished image of vampires, it’s this. Check out the teaser below.



Dracula will air on BBC One and Netflix, though no release date has been announced as of yet.


Image courtesy of BBC/Netflix