A New ‘Evil Dead’ Movie Is Officially in the Works with a New Director, Says Bruce Campbell
A New ‘Evil Dead’ Movie Is Officially in the Works with a New Director, Says Bruce Campbell


Ever since the cancelation of Ash vs. Evil Dead, there’s been a big question mark in regards to what’s next for the Evil Dead franchise. Would Sam Raimi return to direct a new film in the original franchise? Would Fede Alvarez come back to continue his reboot series? Is the franchise now done for good? Well, we finally have an answer from Bruce Campbell himself, and that answer is: none of the above.


During a panel at the recent Rock and Shock Convention in Massachusetts, Campbell confirmed that a new film is in the works from a brand new, as-yet-unnamed director — while also confirming that Raimi is helping to develop the story, as we previously reported. “So we think we have a cool premise. We have a new filmmaker that Sam Raimi has hand chosen. So he’s very involved in it. Will be involved in the story,” Campbell said, according to Bloody Disgusting. “And we’ll try and make sure the actors don’t completely suck. And then we’re gonna make another one, yeah. There’s lots of stories… creepy books… lots of people to torment.”


Obviously, we’re psyched that it sounds like the franchise is returning — and that Raimi is involved — but before you get excited about the possibility of Ash Williams returning, too… well, we’ve got some bad news for you. Campbell reiterated that he is retired from the role, but stated that he’s looking forward to the next protagonist — whomever that may be. “It’s okay to pass it along to another idiot to try and stop evil from destroying the world,” Campbell said. “One idiot tried — he did pretty good. It’s time to let other innocent people with no skills try to save the world. And there’s more stories to tell.”


This new Evil Dead film is still very early in development, but the good news here is that it definitely sounds like the franchise will return. And if that’s good enough to get Ash Williams himself excited — which it sounds like it is — then goshdarnit, it’s good enough for us.



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