The Latest ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer Will Quell All of Your Concerns About the New Sequel
The Latest ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer Will Quell All of Your Concerns About the New Sequel


If you were on the fence about the upcoming reboot/sequel Terminator: Dark Fate, then the film’s latest trailer will definitely put you at ease.


Something just seemed… off… about the film’s previous trailers. They didn’t make the movie look bad, they just seemed as if they were… low budget? Poorly lit? Odd in tone? Whatever was going on with those other promos, it looks like whoever’s doing the trailer editing over at Paramount finally got it right for the film’s latest cut. Dark Fate‘s latest trailer is absolutely action-packed in comparison to its predecessors, and perhaps even more importantly, it finally looks like a proper blockbuster. Not only that, but the movie seems like it might even be the type of revolutionary blockbuster action film that Terminator 2 was 28 years ago. Yes, the new trailer is that good. See for yourself.



In addition to more action and more Arnold, we also learn a tiny bit more about the plot of the new film. As far as we can tell, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) changed the future thanks to the events of T2 (the film ignores and retcons the events of Terminators 3-5), but she didn’t actually change humanity’s ultimate fate — she just postponed it. Now, a new Sarah equivalent (Natalia Reyes) needs protection, and enhanced human Grace (Mackenzie Davis) has been sent back in time to provide it. But a new, super-advanced Terminator (Gabriel Luna) has also been sent back to kill the girl, forcing Grace and Sarah to team up with an old T-800 (Arnold) to protect her. Obviously, there are plenty of holes that need to be filled in, but that seems to be the gist of what is happening in this new trailer.


The newest Dark Fate trailer finally makes it look like Terminator is back for real, and we’ll find out if that’s really the case when the movie hits theaters on Nov. 1.


Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures