New ‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer Returns to ‘The Shining’s Overlook Hotel
New ‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer Returns to ‘The Shining’s Overlook Hotel


Let this latest trailer for Doctor Sleep be a lesson to you: If you ever encounter a creepy set of twins, they will haunt you for the rest of your life.


The final trailer for The Shining sequel has been released, and it’s quite heavy on the imagery and references to the movie’s classic 1980 predecessor. We see an adult Danny Torrance return to the now-shuttered Overlook Hotel where his dad went nuts decades ago, and we observe that little has changed. Young Danny’s scribbling of “Redrum” still adorns the wall, the hole Jack Torrance axed into a door remains, and even the creepy twin girls still stalk the hotel’s halls. It’s pretty impressive how the new movie has been able to so faithfully recreate the set of Kubrick’s film, and it should definitely excite fans of The Shining movie.


But there are a few spots of the trailer they may prove confusing for those who’ve only seen Kubrick’s film but haven’t read the original novel by Stephen King. For instance, the character of Dick Hallorann, who memorably was killed in Kubrick’s film, is very much alive in Doctor Sleep‘s trailer. That’s because Hallorann did not die in King’s novel, and he features in King’s Doctor Sleep novel, on which this new movie is based. The new film exists in kind of a weird limbo in that its story is based on King’s books, but it’s visually a sequel to Kubrick’s movie (which King famously dislikes). This may ultimately add up to a strange mish-mash of a movie, but it also makes for one heck of a trailer.



Doctor Sleep hits theaters on Nov. 8.


Image courtesy of Warner Bros.