‘Coast to Coast AM’ Launches the Art Bell Vault
‘Coast to Coast AM’ Launches the Art Bell Vault


Fortean radio legend Art Bell passed away last year, but his legend lives on thanks to a newly-released collection of some of his show’s most memorable episodes.


Bell was the originator and longtime host of the Coast to Coast radio show, a paranormal-themed AM radio call-in show that is currently broadcast nationwide to over 600 stations. The show, which covers topics including ghosts, UFOs, government conspiracies, and any and all weirdness in the universe, was hosted by Bell from its 1988 inception until his partial retirement in 2003, at which point he went on to host the show part-time for several years. Many fans and critics consider Bell to be the best paranormal interviewer of all time, and during his many years in the booth, he recorded hundreds of classic episodes. And now, Coast to Coast is now dusting them off and getting them out to the fans.


Through Coast to Coast‘s Coast Insider subscription service, subscribers will have access to the new Art Bell Vault. The Vault currently holds 20 classic ad-free episodes, with the plan to add two more every week moving forward. Current selections include Bell’s chat with an aspiring time-traveler, a man who says he shot a Bigfoot, and the infamous “Mel’s Hole” episode about a man who claimed to have a mysterious bottomless pit on his property.


As exciting as the prospect of listening to Bell’s hits is, doing so doesn’t come cheap. In order to get access to the Art Bell Vault, you’ll need to pony up $6.95 per month to become a Coast Insider. In addition to access to the Vault, you’ll also get access to the last five years of the show’s archives, some access to the hosts and guests, and other privileges. But if that doesn’t seem worth it to you and want to save your pennies, you can always listen to classic Art Bell episodes live on Saturday evenings during Coast to Coast‘s “Art Bell: Somewhere in Time” broadcasts.



Image courtesy of Coast to Coast on YouTube