‘Ad Astra’ Clip Shows an Intense Battle on the Moon
‘Ad Astra’ Clip Shows an Intense Battle on the Moon


The upcoming sci-fi epic Ad Astra is shaping up to be unlike any film that’s come before it, as indicated in a stunning new newly released clip from the film.


The movie stars Brad Pitt as astronaut Roy McBride, who is sent on a mission to deep space in order to locate his father. McBride’s dad was also an astronaut, and a legendary one at that. He disappeared 30 years prior while on a mission to find intelligent life on Neptune. But now dangerous energy bursts are being blasted at Earth from Neptune, and the military believes the long-thought-dead elder McBride may be behind them. But before he heads to Neptune in search of his possibly-crazy old man, McBride stops off at the moon, which is where this clip takes place.


In the near-future of the film, the moon has been cultivated and commercialized. Virgin flies commercial jets there, and the lunar surface is littered with shops and fast-food restaurants. There’s also a significant section of the moon where lawlessness reigns, as pirates have taken to murdering and robbing anyone who enters there territory. And unfortunately for McBride, he runs into a gang of these space pirates in the very intense clip below.



We’re always excited for new original sci-fi, and reviews indicate Ad Astra could be one of the best in years. The film opens in theaters on Sept. 20.


Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox