Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Legend of Conan’ May Still Happen After All
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Legend of Conan’ May Still Happen After All


Arnold Schwarzenegger could soon swing his sword again as Conan the Barbarian, as it looks like the previously-thought-dead film Legend of Conan may be back on.


Chris Morgan, the screenwriter behind Hobbs & Shaw and most of the other Fast & Furious films, was also previously attached to produce The Legend of Conan, a sequel that would see Arnold return as an elderly Cimmerian to go on one final quest. He announced that the project was dead back in April 2017, as the studio — Universal — was not willing to sink such a big investment into a film they weren’t sure would find an audience in today’s movie landscape. But now, more than two years later, Morgan seems to be changing his tune… ever so slightly.



“We were kinda going to do basically Unforgiven with Conan where he’s not the strongest guy in the world anymore,” Morgan said in The Hollywood Reporter newsletter, according to Comic Book Resources. “The point of the story is that even with old age, you’re still valuable even if you’re not the strongest thing in the world. Conan used to be the strongest, but now he’s got to be smart … It might happen in another life, we’re looking into it.”


While those aren’t the most encouraging words, it’s still nice to hear that Morgan hasn’t forgotten about the project completely. The fact that it’s still in consideration, regardless of how serious that consideration may be, is certainly good news. After all, Arnold remains desperate to make the film, and if his upcoming Terminator reboot is able to exceed expectations at the box office, then Universal may start looking at the idea of The Legend of Conan with greater urgency.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures/GIPHY