Toho Is Headed to Its First Comic-Con to Celebrate Godzilla’s 65th Birthday
Toho Is Headed to Its First Comic-Con to Celebrate Godzilla’s 65th Birthday


Godzilla is turning 65 years old, but don’t worry, the king of the kaiju isn’t headed for retirement just yet.


Toho, the Japanese film studio responsible for Godzilla, has announced that they will be attending their first ever San Diego Comic-Con — and they have a very good reason for doing so. The studio will be celebrating the big guy’s 65th birthday with their own booth, and they’ll have loads of fun stuff in store for fans of the Tokyo icon. Check out what they’ll have over at booth #3535, courtesy of


  • A fun green screen photo booth for unique social posts
  • A live mural painting by famed Godzilla artist Shinji Nishikawa
  • The actual suit used in Godzilla 2000
  • Props from films throughout the franchise’s history
  • SDCC Exclusive Godzilla products
  • Giveaways, photo opportunities and much more gargantuan fun!

Sounds like quite the birthday! Now, you may be curious about Godzilla’s age considering that he’s supposed to be millions of years old. Well, the 65th birthday isn’t marking Godzilla’s fictional age, but rather the first time he appeared on screen in 1954’s Godzilla (or Gojira). Since then, the city-stomper has gone on to appear in over three dozen films in various forms, with another — Godzilla vs. Kong — due out next year.


Toho is scheduled to have their booth set up for the entire weekend Comic-Con extended weekend, from July 17-21.


Images courtesy of Toho Pictures, GIPHY