The Creep Is Back on the New Poster for the ‘Creepshow’ Reboot
The Creep Is Back on the New Poster for the ‘Creepshow’ Reboot


Back in the ’80s, Stephen King and George Romero teamed up to deliver the classic ode to 1950s horror comics, Creepshow. These days, the horror comics of the ’50s are largely unknown by anyone under the age of 60, but the original Creepshow film remains a pop culture touchstone for many. So much so that the film is getting rebooted with a brand new TV series, and taking a look at the just-released first poster, we can see that the spirit of the original is alive and well in 2019.


The new poster, first unveiled by AV Club, features the return of franchise mascot, The Creep. The ghoulish host looks similar to how he did on the posters for 1982’s Creepshow and its 1987 sequel, but instead of hanging out in a movie theater, this time he’s getting cozy in a living room since the reboot is a TV series rather than a film. In front of him is an old school television set — complete with a framed photo of Romero on top — and a number of creepy eyes peering back at him from the darkness, just outside the glow of the TV.




As is clearly stated on the poster, Creepshow will feature 12 episodes, with each depicting a new spooky story. The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero is the mastermind behind the new series, which will feature stories by a collection of horror movie and TV vets, including Stephen King. Creepshow will stream on horror network Shudder, is set to have its release date revealed this weekend at Comic-Con.


Images courtesy of Shudder