‘RoboCop Returns’ Is Bringing Back This Key Element from the Original
‘RoboCop Returns’ Is Bringing Back This Key Element from the Original


Neill Blomkamp is still hard at work on his upcoming RoboCop sequel, RoboCop Returns, and the director recently offered an update on the film that is sure to excite longtime fans of the Detroit lawman.


On his Twitter account, Blomkamp responded to an update request for the film by confirming that he is still working on the script and comparing it to the work of original director Paul Verhoeven. “Script is being written. Going well! Imagine watching Verhoeven do a follow-up film,” he tweeted. Upon seeing this, a fan responded asking if that meant the iconic original RoboCop suit would be returning for the film. And praise Omni Consumer Products, Blomkamp confirmed that was the case while leaving himself absolutely no wiggle room. “1 million% original” were his exact words.



One problem many fans had with the 2014 RoboCop reboot — in addition to its lack of R-rating and wildly different tone from the original — was the suit worn by Joel Kinnaman. Sleek, black, modern, and superhero-esque, the suit would have been fine for an original character, but it didn’t look anything like RoboCop. Whether you’re a fan of RoboCop or not, you’ve got to admit his ’80s suit is pretty iconic and is an integral part of his character, so the fact that Blomkamp is bringing it back for the new sequel makes a ton of sense and should encourage the fanbase to get on board with his vision.


RoboCop Returns does not yet have an official release date, but when it does eventually make its way to theaters, it’s going to have a very familiar look.


Image courtesy of MGM