Watch Chucky Go on a Rampage in New ‘Child’s Play’ Clip
Watch Chucky Go on a Rampage in New ‘Child’s Play’ Clip


Orion Pictures has released a new clip from their upcoming Child’s Play reboot, and it gives us our best look yet at the type of horrors this new version of Chucky will be unleashing.


In the clip, Chucky’s new owner, Andy, searches his house for his doll-gone-rogue. Chucky taunts the baseball bat-wielding Andy by bouncing around between various appliances throughout the house, always staying one step ahead of the youngster. Since he’s a “smart” doll, Chucky can connect to all of the home’s wifi-enabled devices, allowing him to mess with Andy through televisions, cameras, speakers, other toys — you name it. Chucky himself doesn’t appear in the clip, but he is heard, and Mark Hamill’s delivery is delightfully creepy… right down to the Joker-esque laugh. Check it out below.



It’s clear this is an entirely new take on the character, with Chucky managing to cause havoc without even being physically present. One could argue that this update makes Chucky far more threatening than when he was a mere doll, since his ability to transport himself through the internet makes him effectively indestructible in today’s uber-connected world. But what really makes this new Chucky scary, at least based on this clip, is Hamill. His casting is pitch-perfect, as there is arguably no actor working today who is better at making us uneasy with just his voice than Luke Skywalker. Go figure.


You’ll be able to hear — and hopefully, see — more of Chucky when Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21.


Image courtesy of Orion Pictures