Rob Zombie’s First ‘3 From Hell’ Trailer Raises Some Serious Questions
Rob Zombie’s First ‘3 From Hell’ Trailer Raises Some Serious Questions


Director Rob Zombie has released the first teaser trailer for his upcoming horror sequel 3 From Hell, and it features a few surprises.


The film is the third installment in Zombie’s Firefly Family trilogy following 2003’s House of 1,000 Corpses and 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects. With such a long gap between the second and third films, there was some doubt that 3 From Hell would ever see the light of day. And now that it’s finally almost here, the movie is raising a number of questions.



As you can see, the teaser is light on new footage; instead relying mostly on shots from the two previous films. But it does give a few glimpses of the terrifying trio of Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding, revealing that all of them somehow survived the police assault they suffered at the end of The Devil’s Rejects. It was assumed the trio had been killed at the conclusion of that film, which is what makes this sequel (and their appearance in it) so surprising. Now before you go getting any ideas about this being a prequel, we have to tell you that that theory has been shot down by Zombie. After releasing the teaser, the director answered several fan questions on Facebook, including when the film takes place, but he declined to reveal how the Firefly family is still alive.



Zombie certainly loves a good mystery, so don’t expect many more details regarding the plot of 3 From Hell to be revealed before it lands in theaters this September.


Image courtesy of Saban Films