Proven Vampire-Killer Wesley Snipes Will Fight Zombies in New Movie
Proven Vampire-Killer Wesley Snipes Will Fight Zombies in New Movie


Killing vampires is so 1998, which is why former Blade star Wesley Snipes will switch gears and kill zombies in his upcoming film, Outbreak Z.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snipes has signed on to star in the action horror thriller from Daredevil fight choreographer Chris Brewster. The film is about two SWAT team officers, one of whom will be played by Snipes, who try and hunt down a zombie virus antidote on a zombie-infested college campus. For his efforts, the Demolition Man star will also receive an executive producer credit on the film.


The movie marks the directorial debut for Brewster, who has a long history as a stunt performer, stunt coordinator, and fight choreographer. And even though we’re all probably pretty sick of zombie movies at this point, Brewster’s background at least suggests this movie will have some pretty bonkers action sequences, which could go a long way toward setting it apart from other films in the genre. Brewster has already stated his intention to stack the rest of the cast with stunt performers over traditional actors, lending more credence to the idea that this will not be another Day of the Dead redux.



“This will be an action-packed adventure for everyone. We are breaking all the zombie rules,” Brewster told “The DNA of our project is ‘action movie’ through and through, and that is why we are casting Hollywood’s stunt superstars in lead roles. Our zombies will not move or act like anything that the audience (has) seen before — the action tells the story, so the reactions and defense against the zombies will be vastly different than prior movies in this genre.”


No word yet on when Outbreak Z will be released, but the Snipes vs. Zombies actioner is expected to start filming this summer.


Image courtesy of New Line Cinema