‘Westworld’s Season 3 Trailer Looks Nothing Like ‘Westworld’
‘Westworld’s Season 3 Trailer Looks Nothing Like ‘Westworld’


HBO dropped the surprise season three trailer for Westworld prior to Game of Thrones‘ series finale in what appeared to be a naked attempt at convincing subscribers not to ditch the service once the curtain fell on the Seven Kingdoms. That makes sense since Westworld is now the GoT-less network’s biggest genre show, but what doesn’t make sense is how little the trailer actually looks like Westworld.


For anyone who didn’t know any better, they’d think they were watching a trailer for a completely different show. The new trailer features no cowboys, no western setting, heck it doesn’t even feature any recognizable characters until the very end. Instead, we’re treated to Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul making his way through a thoroughly modern society complete with robots. He narrates about how the world we’ve got isn’t quite the world we were promised, as he trudges to work during the day and acts as some sort of thief at night. Finally, at the end of the trailer, he sees a woman in an ally who needs help — a woman who turns out to be none other than robot rebellion leader Dolores Abernathy.



Confused? So are we, but then again, Westworld has always been pretty confusing. Is Aaron Paul a human, or a host? Is this really the real world, or is this yet another layer of the park? And finally, since Dolores’ consciousness transferred to a host version of Charlotte at the end of season 2, is that really even Dolores we’re seeing? The season doesn’t premiere until next year, and HBO is unlikely to answer many questions before that, so you’ve got plenty of time to formulate your theories. Just about the only thing we can say for sure about this new season of Westworld right now is that it looks absolutely gorgeous.


Westworld season 3 premieres on HBO in 2020.


Image courtesy of HBO