The First Reactions to Godzilla: King of the Monsters Have Arrived
The First Reactions to Godzilla: King of the Monsters Have Arrived


After months and months of ever-increasing hype, the first reactions are finally in for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and they’re even better than we could have hoped.


The consensus seems to be that the movie is decidedly epic, visually gorgeous, and the most over-the-top kaiju movie ever put to film. That’s obviously some pretty high praise, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jumping out of our seats with excitement. Here’s a sampling of what some viewers had to say:


“Our senses are still recovering from @GodzillaMovie. This movie does not give you a moment breathe with the most insane Kaiju action we have ever seen. It’s working hard to set up the future of the MonsterVerse, and features a wicked, impressive ensemble. See it!” – CinemaBlend


“#GodzillaMovie is the film I’ve waited years for. The thrilling sequel captures the spirit of Japan’s famous kaiju while setting up his reign for years to come. There are few words which describe the film as well as momentous, and its epic scale will leave audiences of astounded.” –’s Megan Peters


“Godzilla: King of the Monsters rules so goddamn hard. Easily the most fun I’ve had in theaters all year and the best Monsterverse entry yet. The scale is mind-boggling & every action scene could be your new desktop wallpaper. See it on the biggest screen possible.” – Nerdist’s Dan Casey


“Had real issues with #godzilla (2014). The movie was called Godzilla but he was barely in it. Thankfully @Mike_Dougherty’s #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters is awesome. It’s everything I wanted last movie to b but wasn’t. If u want to see Godzilla fighting other monsters u will b happy.” – Collider’s Steven Weintraub


You get the idea. Pretty much every reaction states that the movie is full of spectacle, a total blast, and light years better than 2014’s Godzilla — especially when it comes to showing off the big guy himself. The addition of this good press to what was already shaping up to be a very hype-worthy marketing campaign should translate to monstrous box office numbers when the movie opens on May 31, at which point we will then get the hype train rolling for Godzilla vs Kong in 2020.



Image courtesy of Legendary Entertainment/Warner Bros.


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