Giant Alligators Terrorize in First Trailer for Monster Movie ‘Crawl’
Giant Alligators Terrorize in First Trailer for Monster Movie ‘Crawl’


We’ve seen movies about giant crocodilians before — 1999 cult classic Lake Placid comes to mind — but we’ve never seen one quite as legitimately terrifying as Crawl.


The upcoming monster movie recently released its first trailer, and it looks like it’s going to do for alligators what Jaws did for sharks. The film’s premise goes like this: during a massive hurricane, a young Florida woman (Kaya Scodelario) searches for her father (Barry Pepper), eventually finding him trapped underneath their quickly flooding house. But before they can escape, they’ll need to make it past a swarm of giant hungry alligators who have decided to take up residence in their now-watery home. The film is directed by Alexandra Aja, known for 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes and 2010’s Piranha 3D, and is produced by Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi, so its horror chops are pretty undeniable. You can check out the trailer below.



As you can see from the trailer, this film is packed with moments that are absolutely bonkers. An alligator coming out of nowhere and eating a rescue worker? The main character getting trapped in a shower with a gator lurking just outside the door? That same character firing a gun inside an alligator’s mouth as it bites down on her arm? This movie looks like it’s off the rails — in a good way — and that’s just based on what’s in the trailer! We’re sure that Raimi and Aja have all sorts of other surprises they’ve saved for the actual film.


Judging from this first look, Crawl looks like it could be the B-movie of the summer… just don’t watch it while vacationing in the Sunshine State.


Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures