‘Swamp Thing’ Trailer Turns the Creep Factor Up to 11
‘Swamp Thing’ Trailer Turns the Creep Factor Up to 11


When you hear DC Comics, you likely think of classic American superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman that have been around for basically forever. What you probably don’t think of is disturbing body horror and terrifying monsters, but that’s exactly what the upcoming DC Universe series Swamp Thing is offering in its new trailer.


The series’ first teaser was released earlier this week, and it’s far creepier and more disturbing than we were expecting. The trailer begins with a group of people heading into a swamp at night — never a good idea — when they are quickly struck by mysterious tendrils rising from the water. We’re then reminded that horror maestro James Wan of The Conjuring and Saw fame is executive producing the series before being exposed to a shot of a little girl convulsing on her classroom floor while blood drips out of her nose. Shazam this is not.


From there it’s lots of quick shots of various scary things — mysterious creatures scratching at walls, a guy wearing a pig’s head mask and carrying an ax, a man turning into a swamp creature, a corpse rising from the dead, more of those evil tendrils ensnaring their victims, and finally a money shot of the Swamp Thing stalking a woman at the end. The whole thing looks pretty terrifying, and it’s certainly a far cry from anything else on DC Universe. Check it out below.



It will be interesting to see how this fits in with the rest of DC Universe’s admittedly tamer and goofier offerings such as Doom Patrol, but we guess we’ll find out when Swamp Thing starts streaming on May 31.


Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Television


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