New ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Trailer Hints at a Major Villain from the Book
New ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Trailer Hints at a Major Villain from the Book


The newest trailer for Pet Sematary reveals many more details about the upcoming remake that ought to (mostly) please fans of both the 1989 film and Stephen King’s original novel.


In the new trailer, we get our first look at one major change from both the original film and the book: the undead child is now 8-year-old Ellie rather than her 2-year-old brother Gage. But as some things change, others stay the same, as we also get our first peek at new renditions of what many fans consider to be the most disturbing scenes from the original film: a very creepy Zelda and the infamous Achilles tendon-slicing moment. But book fans aren’t being abandoned, either. The new trailer focuses more on the evil presence in the woods; the thing that’s responsible for bringing the deceased back to the land of the living. In the book, that thing is an ancient spirit from Native American legend known as the Wendigo, and though that name isn’t uttered in the trailer, we do catch a brief glimpse of what appears to be the Wendigo — often depicted as a man with a deer’s head — in a book that protagonist Louis Creed is studying.



The remake seems to be trying to please fans of the novel, fans of the original film, and create something new and different — all at the same time. And while what we’ve seen so far certainly looks intriguing, we won’t fully know how well it all comes together until Pet Sematary hits theaters on April 5.


Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures


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