Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Trying to Get ‘Legend of Conan’ Made
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Trying to Get ‘Legend of Conan’ Made


The long-gestating Conan the Barbarian sequel, Legend of Conan, has been dead in the water for some time now, but at least one important person involved is still trying to get the film made: Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The Conan actor has shown significant interest in reprising his most iconic roles since he returned to acting following his tenure as California’s governor. He played the T-800 in 2015’s Terminator: Genisys, and is set to do so again later this year in Terminator: Dark Fate. He’s even working on a Twins sequel with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy called Triplets. But portraying the Cimmerian once more seems to be Arnie’s biggest passion, and he seems pretty intent on making it happen.


In a recent Instagram video, Arnold showed off a new Conan Marvel comic that features his version of the character on its cover. Him promoting the comic itself is fairly innocuous, but it’s what Arnold says at the end of the video that makes us think some gears could finally be moving on a new Conan movie.



In case you didn’t catch it, Schwarzenegger said in regards to Conan: “It’s a movie that I’ve wanted to do for a long time… let’s do it.” Now it’s worth noting that, other than this video, there are no hints that another Conan movie is actually happening. So even though it sort of sounds like an announcement, it’s more than likely that Arnold is just trying to drum up support for his return to the role. It’s unclear if Arnold’s campaign will actually work, but we can probably all agree that a new Conan movie starring Schwarzenegger would be what is best in life.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures