Elvira May Finally Make a Sequel to ‘Mistress of the Dark’
Elvira May Finally Make a Sequel to ‘Mistress of the Dark’


Although she’s never gone away completely, Elvira isn’t nearly as present on the pop culture scene as she was during her ’80s heyday. But that could soon change in a big way, as the Mistress of the Dark is reportedly planning a comeback on the big and small screens.


Per MovieWeb, Elvira (or rather her alter ego, Cassandra Peterson) recently took part in a fan Q&A on her Instagram page where she revealed what projects she has in the works, and she gave just about the best news fans could hope for. First and foremost, she revealed that she is giving serious consideration to finally making a sequel to her 1988 film Elvira: Mistress of the Dark., saying, “I’m giving this some serious thought. A LOT of people ask this question, so I’m thinking one more… we’ll see!” The comedy is regarded as a cult classic, and fans have been clamoring for a second installment for three decades now. If all goes well, it appears they may finally get their wish.



In addition to the movie news, Peterson also revealed that Elvira may soon return to TV as well. She claimed to be “working on” bringing her horror hostess series Elvira’s Movie Macabre to Netflix after a fan asked about the possibility. And while she didn’t get into any further details, based on Netflix’s penchant for rebooting cult classic series (see: MST3K) there’s a good chance that any Netflix deal could include new episodes of the series.


Nothing is confirmed as of yet on either the movie or TV fronts, but it looks like the gothic gears are in motion, meaning 2019 could end up being a very good year for Elvira fans.


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