‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Latest Trailer Unveils Mysteries, Surprises, & Lots of Spock
‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Latest Trailer Unveils Mysteries, Surprises, & Lots of Spock


Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season is only about a month away, and the series’ latest trailer shows us just what we’re in for in the new season. Here’s a hint: It involves a lot of Spock.


The iconic half-Vulcan/half-human — who is the adopted brother of Discovery protagonist Michael Burnham — features heavily in the latest trailer, where he is played for the first time by Ethan Peck. This young, bearded Spock seems to nail some of the character’s mannerisms, but he also appears to show a bit more emotion than longtime fans may be comfortable with.


In addition to lots of Spock, the new trailer reveals a bit more about the plot and those mysterious red bursts that have been going on throughout the galaxy that were revealed in the first teaser. It seems the bursts are related to a powerful being known as the Red Angel, who apparently told Spock in a vision that someone or something plans to wipe out all sentient life in the universe. If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, there’s also more of Georgiou in her new role, Captain Pike doing his best old school Starfleet captain impression, and Burnham worrying about a lot of stuff. Above all else, though, is the way the new season looks. The sets, effects, and costumes are all visually impressive, and it’s clear CBS is spending a ton of money on this show. Of course, with all that budget comes even more action and explosions — something about the first season which turned some Trekkies off — so you may view it as more of a drawback than an attribute. In any case, you should take a look at the new trailer for yourself before making any judgements.



Star Trek: Discovery season 2 is set to premiere on CBS All Access on January 17.


Image courtesy of CBS