Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Already Looks Like the Scariest Movie of 2019
Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Already Looks Like the Scariest Movie of 2019


We’ve been anxiously awaiting Jordan Peele‘s follow-up to Get Out ever since we first saw the stellar 2017 horror film, and now the writer/director has finally given us our first look at what’s already looking like 2019’s scariest film.


Peele dropped the surprise first trailer for Us, his upcoming horror film, on Christmas day, and after months of speculation, fans finally got the chance to learn just what exactly this film is going to be about. The trailer depicts a happy, upper-middle class American family of four who become terrorized by a very unexpected foe. After a trip to the beach where the family’s youngest member briefly goes missing, the family encounters an ominous foursome in their own home — a foursome who look exactly like they do. The doppelgängers are apparently looking to kill the family, and likely replace them, but why? Where did they come from? What are they? Start forming your own theories by checking out the trailer below.



Peele discussed the film in a recent interview with EW, and while the filmmaker is still keeping most details close to the vest, he did some details about — and inspiration for — the movie’s antagonists. “I think the main idea that went into writing this film is that we’re our own worst enemy, and that idea created this monster, The Tethered,” Peele revealed. “I wanted to forge this new mythology that explored our duality and the duality of the characters. To the actors, I knew this was the ultimate fun because who doesn’t want to play two roles in a movie; when you’re tired in one, you get to jump into the other. But I think what was a fun challenge for actors, was finding the connections between the characters and their counterparts.”


Us will start terrorizing theater-goers on March 15, 2019.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures


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